Alliance for Michigan IBL (AMIIBL)

University of Michigan will be FREE hosting a 3-day virtual IBL workshop July 28-30 open to all college math instructors in the state. Workshop Details and Registration.


We are working to build and sustain a regional community of mathematics instructors in Michigan that

  1. is welcoming and supportive of all instructors using, or interested in using, inquiry-based mathematics education;
  2. makes cross-institutional connections between instructors in the state (and nearby areas);
  3. provides a platform for sharing ideas, resources, and events pertaining to inquiry-based mathematics in the region;
  4. organizes in-person IBL events for both new and experienced IBL users;
  5. supports instructors' reflective teaching practice in a safe community of practitioners.

What is IBL?

Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is a form of active learning in which students engage in the practices of mathematicians: sense-making, proving, example exploration, conjecture-making, revising, listening, sharing, collaborating, persevering, and facing uncertainty. While courses may look different, they rely on four core principles (“pillars”) illustrated in this picture.


As part of a new NSF grant to support regional IBL communities, we are excited to offer Peer Collaboration Mini-Grants and Travel Mini-grants. You can apply for $250 travel grants to attend state IBL events or $250/person to visit classrooms, develop materials, or other peer-collaboration projects around IBL courses.

Upcoming Events

  • July 28-30, 1pm-5pm, Virtual Workshop hosted by University of Michigan. Free IBL workshop open to college math instructors in the state. Facilitators Nina White (University of Michigan) and guest facilitator Amy Ksir (US Naval Academy). Registration will open in May 2020. More details.

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Past Events

June 4, 2020. Free virtual IBL workshop hosted by AMiIBL and the IBL Communities NSF Grant. Over 40 mathematics instructors attended this workshop designed and facilitated by Danielle Champney (Cal Poly) and Francesca Gandini (Kalamazoo College).

August 27-29, 2019: Free IBL Workshop at University of Michigan with guest facilitator Kyle Peterson (DePaul) and local facilitator Nina White (UM)

April 5, 2019. Free IBL workshop as part of the MI-MAA section meeting at University of Detroit Mercy.

August 28-30, 2018, Free IBL workshop at University of Michigan with guest facilitator Danielle Champney (Cal Poly) and local facilitator Nina White (UM)

March 24, 2018 (Valparaiso University). As part of Trisection Meeting of the Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan Sections of the MAA, there was a session on "Inquiry Based Learning: Math and beyond" led by Michael Starbird.

Leadership Team

Dawn Archey, University of Detroit Mercy

Erik Brown, Jackson College

Francesca Gandini, Kalamazoo College

Victor Piercey, Ferris State University

Nina White, University of Michigan

Interested in joining the leadership team? Email whitenj(at)umich(dot)edu