Intro to Inquiry Mini-Workshop

June 7, 9am-12pm ET

Lead Facilitators: Francesca Gandini (Kalamazoo College), Annaliese Keiser (University of Michigan)

Secondary Facilitators: Christine Von Renesse (Westfield State University), Nina White (University of Michigan)

Facilitator Bios

Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is a form of active learning in which students engage in the practices of mathematicians: sense-making, proving, example exploration, conjecture-making, revising, listening, sharing, collaborating, persevering, and facing uncertainty. While courses may look different, they rely on four core principles ("pillars”): Deep Mathematical Thinking, Collaboration, Instructor Inquiry into Student Thinking, and Equity. Following these principles, IBL courses enhance student learning by providing opportunities to learn math through collaborative struggle, rather than simply watching someone else do it.

This very active workshop is especially tailored for those who are new---or feel new---to teaching with inquiry. This could mean you are currently lecturing and looking to infuse some small, active changes in your classes. This might mean you have tried a semester or two of inquiry-teaching and are looking for more support to keep improving and learning. Or it could be that the last year has thrown your teaching for a loop and you are looking for new ways to engage your students this summer or fall.

This collection of highly interactive sessions might include: video lesson study, an online IBL “classroom” experience, finding/modifying/creating course materials, exploring the nuts and bolts of IBL teaching practices, and thinking about transitioning to inquiry oriented teaching when returning to the classroom.

Funding for this workshop is provided by NSF-DUE #1925188 and University of Michigan Department of Mathematics.