June 2022 Workshop

The theme of AMiIBL’s summer workshop this year was “Level Up Your Teaching with Inquiry”. Whether you’re brand new to using inquiry, have dabbled with inquiry for a few semester, or have been teaching with inquiry for decades, there is always room to grow. This very active 1-day workshop will bring together both new and experienced college math instructors to share ideas and promote growth for all. We look forward to engaging discussions anchored in video lesson study, examples of student work, sample syllabi, and more.

Date: June 28, 2022

Time: 9am - 4pm ET (with ample lunch break)

Modality: Virtual

Email Nina White (whitenj@umich.edu) to request access to workshop materials.

Lead Facilitators

Erin R. Militzer is a professor of Mathematics at Ferris State University and has been teaching using active learning & IBL since 2010. During her teaching post-doctoral at the University of Arizona, she began teaching Elementary Education courses and fell in love with teaching pre-service (and eventually) in-service teachers. She has also been an Intel Math instructor for various districts throughout Michigan. The Ferris State Mathematics department gives Erin a chance to teach a variety of courses at varying levels. She has taught every course from High School Algebra to Real Analysis and most recently a long stint of the calculus course (using Active Calculus). She participates in as many active learning conferences she can and appreciates the AMiIBL community! Erin has 3 kids (9, 6 & 2), 3 Bengal cats and a wonderful husband all who keep her busy and on her toes.

Grace McClurkin is an Assistant Professor at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). Before settling down in Michigan, Grace grew up in Ohio, spent her undergrad at Saint Mary’s in Indiana, and got her PhD from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Now at SVSU, Grace is working with a team to redesign the developmental math sequence, focusing on creating and supporting the use of more active learning strategies in these courses. She uses inquiry and active learning, in conjunction with inverted classrooms, in most of her classes, from Numerical Literacy to Introduction to Proof. Her interest in IBL began in 2018 when she attended the National IBL conference in Austin; she quickly followed that up with an IBL Product summer workshop in 2019. Since then, she’s been an active member of AMIBL.

Supporting Designers

Francesca Gandini is a visiting assistant professor at Kalamazoo College. Before moving to Kalamazoo, she studied for her Mathematics PhD at the University of Michigan. Her mathematics interests are in algebra, combinatorics, and graph theory. In her time at the University of Michigan she also developed an interest in mathematics education and obtained a Master in Post-Secondary Science Education. Her interest in IBL peaked when she started attending the annual multi-day IBL workshops at the University of Michigan and joined the local learning community on inclusive teaching. When she moved to Kalamazoo, she joined the leadership team of AMIIBL, the Alliance of Michigan IBLers, which is now part of an NSF grant for supporting and studying regional IBL communities.

Drawing on 15 years classroom experience teaching college mathematics with inquiry, Nina White has been supporting other instructors in teaching with inquiry since 2015, and in 2018 joined the AIBL Workshop Developers team to provide this support nationally. She is the founding director of AMiIBL, directs a Math Teachers' Circle for Detroit-area teachers, and founded a local Learning Community for Inclusive Teaching (LCIT) in Mathematics at University of Michigan.


Can I attend this workshop as well as the 3-day August workshop?

Absolutely! The workshops are not redundant, and we highly encourage those interested to attend both.

How will this workshop be different or similar from the 3-day August workshop?

The number of contact hours for this about 6 hours. The number of contact hours in the 3-day August workshop is 9 hours, plus 3-5 hours of asynchronous work and preparation. You can think of the 3-day workshop as more intensive, about twice as long overall.

What if I can only attend part of this workshop?

We strongly encourage participants to attend for the whole day. The sessions and ideas build on each other, and the community of practitioners is also built over the course of the day.

Can I attend this workshop if I don't live in Michigan?

Since one aim of this workshop is to build community among practitioners in Michigan, we are giving priority to instructors in Michigan. However, if spots are available, we welcome instructors from out of state! If you are out of state you can register and we will let you know by June 21 if you have a workshop spot.