3-Day Workshop, August 2022

How do we create rich mathematical learning environments that support all students in becoming collaborative and creative mathematical practitioners? As a community of instructors we will use video, research literature, and classroom artifacts to discuss and reflect on our teaching practices in response to this key question. In addition to the 9 contact hours, participants should plan for 3-5 hours of structured, asynchronous work over the course of the week. Both new and experienced instructors who are interested in or use student-centered teaching practices in their college mathematics classrooms are invited to participate.

Dates: August 9-11 , 2022

Time: 1pm - 4pm ET

Modality: Virtual

Registration is capped at 30 participants. Priority is given to practitioners in the state of Michigan, instructors from two-year colleges, and instructors working at MSIs; additionally, 15 of the 30 spots are reserved for University of Michigan participants.

Funding provided by University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics, Center for Inquiry-Based Learning.


Rebecca Glover has used inquiry in her classroom since attending an AIBL Summer Workshop in 2014. She became an AIBL Workshop Leader in 2019, facilitating both in-person and virtual workshops, co-founded the Minnesota Inquiry in Teaching Network (MITN), and is on the leadership team for the Twin Cities Math Teachers' Circle.

Elizabeth Thoren has over 15 years of experience teaching with inquiry and has been part of the AIBL Workshop Leader Team since 2018 where she has co-developed and co-facilitated both virtual and in-person IBL Workshops. Elizabeth also served as a guest Associate Editor for the PRIMUS special issue on Teaching Inquiry and is currently part of the leadership council for COMMIT-CaN (COMmunities for Mathematics Inquiry in Teaching in California and Nevada).


Can I attend this workshop as well as the June 28th workshop?

Absolutely! The workshops are not redundant, and we highly encourage those interested to attend both.

How will this workshop be different or similar from the June 28th workshop?

The number of contact hours for this workshop is 9 hours, while the June 28th workshop is more like 6. However, this workshop also has 3-5 hours of asynchronous work and preparation, so you can think of this 3-day workshop as more intensive, about twice as long overall.

What if I can only attend part of this workshop?

We strongly encourage participants to attend all three days. The days and ideas build on each other, and the community of practitioners is also built over the three days.

Will this be the same material as in 3-day UM workshops from years past?

UM Department of Mathematics has been running 3-day IBL workshops since 2015. Since 2020, these have also be coordinated with AMiIBL. Each year the workshop is NEW. That means, instructors are welcomed and encouraged to attend many years in a row. This will be the first year with two guest facilitators, so there is even more newness than usual!

Can I attend this workshop if I don't live in Michigan?

Since one aim of this workshop is to build community among practitioners in Michigan, we are giving priority to instructors in Michigan. However, if spots are available, we welcome instructors from out of state! If you are out of state you can register and we will let you know by August 2nd if you have a workshop spot.